Tiago Almeida on Software

Installing GNU/Linux on the Lenovo Ideapad 100s

Not a trouble free setup but definitely worth it!

Quick tip: Run a command when a file changes

Using inotifywait to transform files automatically.

Batch downsizing a set of images

Quick way to resize images on linux.

Advent Of Code 2016 - Day 5 commented solution

Comments on my clojure AoC2016-5 solution.

Making a pure css circular progress bar

Implementing a cool HTML/CSS-only circular progress bar. No javascript required.

Finding and deleting duplicate files with fdupes

In a large tree of files, it is common to have duplicate files under different paths. This is how you remove the duplicates. (link to old blog)

Building a Raspberry Pi NAS - Part 2: Sharing files on the network

Making a Pi share files on a windows network

Building a Raspberry Pi NAS - Part 3: Storing files encrypted in the cloud

Making your Pi backup files remotely and transparently encrypted.

Installing linux-dash on nginx on raspberry pi

linux-dash is a cool project that displays stats about a linux machine through the browser. This is how you install it. (link to old blog)

Extract audio from youtube video

Two commands to get an mp3 from an youtube link. (link to old blog)

Raspberry pi internet radio player

Using a Pi to play internet radio on your stereo. (link to old blog)

Flex: ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable X is not defined.

Read this post if your working with Adobe flex (now obsolete) and run into the above error. (link to old blog)